Volunteer Protocol for SAVE-INTL

SAVE-INTL occasionally accepts volunteers to assist us in the implementation of both day-to-day activities and long-term goals and objectives. Depending on a multitude of factors, including your background and level of education and desired length of stay, you may be qualified to assist us in the following ways:

  • Conduct classes in coordination with our local native Tamil speaking teachers at after-school study centers
  • Teach spoken English to villagers and especially children and youth
  • Oversee construction and water system projects, computer lab and health clinic operations
  • Develop and implement women’s co-op and self-help groups
  • Teach vocational skills especially handicrafts and garment and accessory design and production
  • Assist in small business development
  • Teach software and hardware skills and help manage our Amuur Village Computer and Technology Center
  • Coordinate and implement sports activities for village children and youth
  • Apply your specialized medical skills in our Amuur Village Health Clinic
  • Further develop our Eastman Fund Library and Reading Program
  • Professional assistance – such as administration, outreach, development
  • SAVE-INTL Program research and development (e.g. village census, photographic essays, sociological studies)

Investment – SAVE-INTL’s primary focus and purpose is NOT on offering volunteer opportunities to foreigners, tourists and visitors and we are not organized as a so-called “voluntourism” NGO, but we welcome individuals and couples who have the requisite skill-set, maturity, flexibility and patience to live and work in simple rural locations, and the demonstrated level of commitment required in order for the experience to be beneficial to both parties. Additionally our budget does not rely on contributions from volunteers.

Therefore, if your background, skills, motivation and period of availability are acceptable to SAVE-INTL, we will not expect you to pay us a set admission fee or monthly contribution. However, in helping you manage your stay and organizing your experience and time with us we will of necessity be required to devote our limited manpower and material resources to make your contributions of mutual benefit and thus require a minimum of Rs. 2000 (equivalent to approximately $44USD) per month to be paid directly to our local partner, Tamilnadu Village Outreach for their time, skill, and expertise.

What SAVE-INTL WILL provide:

  • An established and well-respected framework of health, education, and social programs in over 20 rural communities in Tamilnadu within which one can experience a gratifying voluntary work experience
  • Ongoing experienced local guidance and assistance throughout the duration of your stay in helping you organize and manage your accommodation, food, transportation, communication needs and more.
  • A comprehensive orientation packet before you begin your work with us

What SAVE-INTL WILL NOT provide financial assistance with:

  • Air fare to or from Tamilnadu, India or in-country transportation.
  • Intra-village transportation. We own a small van and this may be made available for your use with our driver but you would need to help with fuel and some nominal charges for maintenance and repair.
  • Accommodation and food
  • Interpreters or personal assistants, though we can provide this resource for you for a nominal fee
  • Health Insurance or medical expenses not available for free through our Medical Clinic
  • Telephone or Internet Connectivity

Creative Contribution – If a volunteer wishes to personally implement a new program (over and above our current programming) of benefit to our village network, they would ordinarily be expected to provide the money or materials either themselves or from donors they have identified. For example, if you want to organize a systematic art program for the children in our village network, you would be expected to source paper and paint and other materials, or if you chose to remodel a village community center you would be expected to provide the funds for the necessary building materials and local labor.

We invite volunteers to think outside of the box and recommend creative ideas for programming. We certainly have our hands full with our current programming, but if you have something in mind, we are open to hearing those suggestions.

Application Process – If you are interested in volunteering with SAVE-INTL, please send an e-mail with the following information:

  • Send a cover letter to info@save-intl.org about why and when you would like to volunteer your services with SAVE-INTL in India, what area of work you are interested in and what specific skill set you can contribute.
  • Please attach CV or resume including Facebook, MySpace account link, and previous overseas experience
  • Recent photograph and biodata

We will review your application and be in touch as soon as possible on where we see the best fit, and to discuss next steps.