Volleyballs Distributed to New Nemmelli Volleball Team

John Degler presenting two volleyballs to the New Nemelli Village Team Leaders

As part part of SAVE’s and  TVO’s continuing program to support youth sports in the Tiruporuur block of Kancheepuram District, we distributed volleyballs gratis to the New Nemelli Volleyball team with the promise that when these balls wear out or are damaged we will replace them with new balls if the old balls are returned. We are hoping to sponsor some intervillage volleyball tournaments this summer when school is out of session, including the use of professional paid referees. Currently we sponsor Volleyball Teams with nets, balls and steel net standards in Ellandoppu, Panjanteertee, Edaiyuur, New Nemelli, Salavankuppam, Anandapuram, Vellankadu, Mullipakkam and Mundiritoppu.