SAVE-Intl welcomes a new long-term volunteer

Valeria and two Irular Tribal Women in our Embroidery Workshop

We want to introduce our newest long-term volunteer, Valeria Pavlova from Moscow. Valeria’s educational background is in journalism  with four years of experience as a news editor back in Russia. Some time ago she decided to take a different career path in community development and women empowerment. Before arriving to India, Valeria had spent one year in Kenya volunteering as a co-director in a children’s home for children from one of the most deprived and marginalized tribe in the country – the Pokot. Valeria hopes to stay here in Mamallapuram, Tamilnadu until February helping with our spoken English language program for primary school children, our women’s hand embroidery project and anything that strikes her fancy! Welcome Valeria!