New Nemmeli Village Volleyball Team

New Nemmeli Vollayball Team and C. John Degler
C.John Degler of SAVE-INTL presenting volleyball equipment to the New Nemmeli Youth Volleyball Team

As part of our continuing program to support youth sports groups in the Tirporuur Block of Tamilnadu South India, we met today, October 12, 2010 with some young men from New Nemmeli Village and presented them with a new volleyball net and two new volleyballs(see photo). We also offered to provide two steel pipe net standards but they indicated that they already had such supports. We informed them of the policy of TVO and SAVE-INTL that if the net or balls that we provide to Village Volleyball teams wear out or become unusable we will replace them with new equipment so long as the old athletic equipment is returned.

View of remains of New Nemmeli Fishing Village in the aftermath of the December 26, 2004 Tsunami

New Nemmeli is a village of artisanal fishermen about 7 kilometers north of Mamallapuram, Tamilnadu India that was devastated by the December 26, 2004 Tsunami. With their huts built directly on the beach, they were extremely fortunate to have avoided any loss of life but all their homes, personal property, nets boats and motors were either lost to the ocean or destroyed. (see photo). Through the efforts of the Tamilnadu Government and several International NGO’s they recently became of the beneficiaries of new houses built on the near inland side of the East Coast Road where they should be better protected should a Tsunami ever occur again.

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