Karanai Village Community Center Remodeled

The completed Karanai Community Center Mandapam

Karanai Village has one of the first Community Centers that TVO and SAVE-INTL constructed, with groundbreaking on March 16, 2005,  and which is still in good condition and being used virtually on a daily basis. However it is only 20ft by 15ft in size, which is small even by Tamilnadu standards given the number of people and programs it is sometimes required to accommodate.

Rather than tear it down and rebuild, and unable at present to fund a new larger building in another location (see our Donor Wish List) we elected, with the agreement and cooperation of the President of the Karanai Village Panchayat, Ms. Gomatti Lakshmi, to construct a covered and floored but otherwise open addition to the front of the existing Community Center.

We called upon Mr.V.V.N Viswanathan, the contractor of the original building and who is himself from Karanai, to design and erect a permanent cover that would be directly attached to the building. With construction starting on about September 14th, 2010, work was essentially completed two week later and shortly after that the “Mandapam” was wired to provide light for evening tuition classes and other activities.

View of all existing Community Center with reinforced concrete pillars that will hold up the cement sheet roof

We are quite impressed with the quality of Mr. Viswanathan work, including the sturdiness of the columns and the thickness and strength of the floor, and so is the village. The cost for this project was Rs. 22,000.

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Photo of the lighting installed in the new Karanai Village Community Center Mandapam
Tailoring class being conducted under the New Karanai Community Center Mandapam
Construction Details of the New Karanai Community Center Mandapam