Coaching Program For S.S.L.C. Examination Launched

C.John Degler of SAVE-INTL and teacher Gnanasekaran inaugurate the S.S.L.C. Coaching Program in the Ellandtoppu Village Community Center

With the full financial support of the Malar Trust of Italy, SAVE-INTL and its local partner TVO inaugurated a new experimental pilot program on December 4, 2010 at the Ellandtoppu Village Community Center. We will be offering free coaching for 10th standard (grade) students who will be required to take the Secondary School Leaving Certificate exam given at the end of February and the beginning of March 2011. Coaching classes will be held every Saturday and Sunday for 5-6 hours until the exam date. Participating students will be given free notebooks and pencils, plus we will have available special coaching books and texts and other materials as well as practice exams that can be taken on the required paper using special fountain ink pens. All students in the 10th standard are invited to attend. Mr. Gnanasekharan is the teacher conducting the class with C. John Degler also present at the inauguration. For our first class we had six students present but expect more tomorrow and in the future as the word gets out and also as the weather improves as today we are having heavy monsoon rains making transportation difficult.

If the free coaching program proves to be a success, increasing the pass rate for weak students and getting top scores for strong students, we hope to expand to other village areas in the 2011-12 school year and also include 12th standard exam preparation.

Students who score high marks in the S.S.L.C., but who are financially unable to attend a school with standards commensurate with their abilities and potential, may be able to secure a scholarship for tuition expenses from the Malar Trust, along with room and board at one of the Malar’s hostels if their chosen school is distant from their home.