Work is well underway for the inauguration of the long-planned Amuur Village Computer and Technology Center, located in a two room building constructed by TVO and SAVE-INTL with the financial assistance of the Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund of Kiel Germany.

Amuur-Main Street Community Center. The Computer and Technology Center is planned for the room on the left

The Center is conveniently situated on the Main Road between Tiruporuur and Manampathi, just south of the Old Mahabalipuram Road in the Tiruporuur Block of Kanchipuram District, about 35 KM south of Chennai, Tamilnadu. Just adjacent to the Village Bus Stand,  the building has a flat concrete roof with the computer center room about 5 by 8 meters in size. We have already brought three phase power  to the building and wired the computer room for a minimum of eight computer work stations.

Three Phase Power Control Box with UPS/Battery connections below
Some of the eight work station connections ready for computers







Additionally there are wired-in provisions for two large UPS units and four large 135VA batteries to insure uninterrupted power and controlled voltage since power to villages in India is often intermittent and lower voltage than standard.  Finally, we installed iron grills over all windows and a heavy iron gate to provide security for the equipment.

Installed Door Grill For the Amuur Computer and Technology Center

Waiting to be installed but already purchased are 5 new Intel powered recent vintage PC computers with LCD monitors, DVD burners and large hard drives. The only missing ingredients are the purchase and installation of the UPS and Battery backup combos, desks and some other infrastructure. Missing at the moment and delaying the center’s Inauguration is the most important ingredient: dedicated, capable and trustworthy staff to manage the center who can offer classes and training and maintain the computers and the planned network. Here is the text of a flyer we are distributing:



Starting this year Tamilnadu Village Outreach, a local Charitable Trust, working with the American NGO South Asian Village Empowerment, will inaugurate a computer and technology program for all interested students and computer and technology enthusiasts in the local area, including residents of Tiruporuur and Tirukalukundram blocks. This will be a public program and not a for-profit operation. The Computer and Technology Center will be located on the main road in Amuur. We are presently wishing to hear from computer students, volunteers and teachers interested in working or studying in the Computer and Technology Center. Opportunities are to learn and work in software and hardware area and to take or give classes in computer operations and using computers to learn languages, math, sciences, art, etc. Some of our course offerings may include: basic computers operations for both Windows and Linux, Office programs including word processing, spreadsheets, database, etc. Desktop publishing, CAD/CAM, Photoshop and Digital Photography, Operating Systems, Video Editing, Programming C++, Accounting Programs, Web Design and HTML, Art and Design Software, Animation, Networking and Internet Operations, Music and Sound Recording, and computer assembly, repair and troubleshooting.