Volleyballs Distributed to New Nemmelli Volleball Team

John Degler presenting two volleyballs to the New Nemelli Village Team Leaders

As part part of SAVE’s and  TVO’s continuing program to support youth sports in the Tiruporuur block of Kancheepuram District, we distributed volleyballs gratis to the New Nemelli Volleyball team with the promise that when these balls wear out or are damaged we will replace them with new balls if the old balls are returned. We are hoping to sponsor some intervillage volleyball tournaments this summer when school is out of session, including the use of professional paid referees. Currently we sponsor Volleyball Teams with nets, balls and steel net standards in Ellandoppu, Panjanteertee, Edaiyuur, New Nemelli, Salavankuppam, Anandapuram, Vellankadu, Mullipakkam and Mundiritoppu.


Anandapuram Village Volleyball Team Members and C. John Degler Presenting Two Volleyballs
Anandapuram Village Volleyball Team Members and C. John Degler Presenting Two Volleyballs

When Sonny Saravanan, my partner from Tamilnadu Village Outreach,  and I went to inspect the finished electrical remodeling of the Anandapuram Community Center we were met by the informal so-called young men’s Youth Group of the village. They were very grateful for the work we had done to make their village community center useable again after so many years of neglect and were very appreciative of the professional quality of the rewiring, the high levels of lighting and the three high quality fans that we had installed.

As is quite common in the villages where SAVE-INTL is active, there is a youth volleyball team in Anandapuram, and it is our policy to support these teams with free volleyballs and nets when requested. The Anandapuram Youth Group asked me for some help with a new net and some volleyballs, as they had none, and I remarked that there was already a good net strung up on their steel volleyball net standards in front of the community center and wondered why they needed another one. They explained that the net I was looking at actually belonged to another village and that their own net was badly damaged. I asked that it be brought out. While the net was in bad shape, I said that it could be used as a practice net with the purchase of some fishermen’s string and rope and a little work but that we would immediately provide them with some quality volleyballs which I had in my office in Mamallapuram.  A committee from the Anandapuram Youth Group soon came to see me in Mamallapuram just before my departure for a two month trip outside India.We gave them a couple of quality branded volleyballs (see photo)  and I promised on my return to provide them with a tournament quality net. They then told me the following story which I feel is illustrative of the problems faced by India’s Amateur Sports Groups.

Their village fielded a youth volleyball team two years ago which participated in a Tamilnadu State-wide tournament of villages. In their own District of Kanchipuram, which has a population of over two million, they managed to attain the rank of SECOND best volleyball team, despite the small size of their village of just 274 inhabitants, and a handful of young men.

This is a truly remarkable achievement for a poor rural Dalit village, yet no Gov’t Sports Authority, Private Business or NGO has seen fit to help (at least to date)  them continue to pursue their excellence by supporting them with volleyballs or nets.

I promised to help them with volleyball equipment as long as they continued to aspire to be the BEST village volleyball team in Tamilnadu. They also asked for uniforms/jerseys for their team, a request I promised to consider.



Cutting The Ribbon, from the right, Tiruporuur Union ChairwomanVijayLakshmi Krishnan, C. John Degler, President of South Asian Village Empowerment Intl and Uscha Nagarajan, Tiruporuur Union Vice Chairman


On February 13, 2011, we officially inaugurated the Mundiritoppu Village Community Center, located in Amuur Panchayat, Tiruporuur Block, Kanchjeepuram District Tamilnadu India.


The Completed Mundiritoppu Community Center


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Present were the Tirupuur Block Union Panchayat President Ms. VijayLakshmi Krishnan, Mr. Kuppan, Amuur Panchayat President, Uscha Nagaranjan Union Vice Chairwoman of Tiurporuur Block, Steve Mills Of Prime Trust, C. John Degler, President of SAVE-INTL, S,V. Saravanan, Managing Director of TVO and other dignitaries, foreign guests, local officials and leaders and many Mundiritoppu Villagers.

Assembled Gov’t Officials, Foreign Guests, Villagers and friends


New Nemmeli Village Volleyball Team

New Nemmeli Vollayball Team and C. John Degler
C.John Degler of SAVE-INTL presenting volleyball equipment to the New Nemmeli Youth Volleyball Team

As part of our continuing program to support youth sports groups in the Tirporuur Block of Tamilnadu South India, we met today, October 12, 2010 with some young men from New Nemmeli Village and presented them with a new volleyball net and two new volleyballs(see photo). We also offered to provide two steel pipe net standards but they indicated that they already had such supports. We informed them of the policy of TVO and SAVE-INTL that if the net or balls that we provide to Village Volleyball teams wear out or become unusable we will replace them with new equipment so long as the old athletic equipment is returned.

View of remains of New Nemmeli Fishing Village in the aftermath of the December 26, 2004 Tsunami

New Nemmeli is a village of artisanal fishermen about 7 kilometers north of Mamallapuram, Tamilnadu India that was devastated by the December 26, 2004 Tsunami. With their huts built directly on the beach, they were extremely fortunate to have avoided any loss of life but all their homes, personal property, nets boats and motors were either lost to the ocean or destroyed. (see photo). Through the efforts of the Tamilnadu Government and several International NGO’s they recently became of the beneficiaries of new houses built on the near inland side of the East Coast Road where they should be better protected should a Tsunami ever occur again.