Comparing Indian States by Population, GDP and GDP Per Person to other Nations

The Economist has prepared a map of India which shows graphically and by statistics the economic and social condition of different Indian states by comparing them to countries in the world which have closely equivalent numbers. Remarkable and clearly shows that India, despite all the hype about its emergence as a developed super-power, has a long long way to go.

One Out Of Every Forty Persons Alive Is Invited To This Party

If (roughly) the world population is 7,000,000,000, and the population of India is 1,200,000,000, then India is about 17% of the world’s total population. If Dalits, or those of the lowest, formerly untouchable castes, comprise about 15% of the total number of peoples in India, or 180,000,000 (sixth largest nation if independent!) then Indian Dalits are 2 1/2% of the world’s total population. Or one out of forty humans experiences life highly stigmatized, reviled and socially shamed  just because of an accident of birth.